“Whoever wishes to do great things must think profoundly of the details,” said the poet and writer Paul Valéry. It’s a maxim to which Atelier XJC can readily lay claim, having embodied this precept for exactly ten years.

Spurred on by a unique know-how in the world of luxury product design, particularly in the realm of jewellery and luxury watchmaking through collaborations with prestigious and internationally renowned manufacturers, this agency takes its expertise to a higher level with the launch of a genuine laboratory of ideas within its own four walls.

In the space of almost a year, in the centre of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Atelier XJC has developed a multidisciplinary research structure touching on all aspects of design. Its approach pays particular attention to the study of components and materials in order to create original, offbeat objects, while retaining specific features underpinning that manufacturer’s reputation.

Today, the first fruits of its “experiments” are revealed to the world. The photos taken by the Twinroom agency in Paris reflect this desire to unite different disciplines, such as, in this particular case, fashion and design.

This first wave of creations under the Atelier XJC banner heralds a new decade dedicated to jewellery and luxury watchmaking, to be enriched also by other more experimental fields. Always with an eye for detail!

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Images: copyright © Milo Keller & Julien Gallicio