XJC was founded in 2001 by Xavier Perrenoud. Xavier was born in the Swiss watchmaking valley and comes from a manufacturing family.

With a mix of young talents and long lasting working relationships, XJC has specialised in luxury product design and wearables for the watch and jewelry industry.

With a philosophy of perfection and constant innovation, XJC works with the most prestigious and internationally renowned watchmaking and luxury brands.

With a deeply rooted culture of cratfmanship , we are constantly looking at improving everything we do , innovating and pushing boundaries for our client’s brands and products - from traditional watchmaking to the emerging wearable technology.

Thanks to the long lasting collaborations with our customers and our deep understanding of the watchmaking and luxury industry, XJC offers a full range of services.


•  Creative direction / Art direction

• "Sur-mesure" Workshops & lectures  


•  Design and product development

•  Prototyping

•  Follow-up with suppliers


Driven by his search for constant innovation, Xavier developed a research laboratory at XJC, focussing on new material and production processes. Xavier is also a professor with tenure in ECAL for the Master of Advanced Studies for luxury and craftsmanship.